Awards Night


It has now become that very important, time of year again. Our annual, SNE Care employee awards night. A Night held very close to all of the staff’s hearts, as it is the one time of year, we are all able to come together to sit back & appreciate all of our collective and individual hard work. The work that has made SNE Stand out as a company, work that has enabled us to conquer all of the problems that have faced us and have an absolute laugh with a well deserved drink.

Although this night is important to us and we take it very seriously, it is also a night of letting our hair down. We’ll be handing out a range of awards, from hardest worker, all the way to ‘class clown’. As it is not only about the work, but about each and every person and how they all offer something individual and special in their own way. This night is also a rare opportunity for all staff to meet up, in the middle of summer, to create some memories.

Last year's award night, held at the Baltimore Hotel in Middlesbrough, was a huge success. With Mark Backburn being awarded the prestigious class clown award and Chloe Ovington being named the hardest worker, were just some of the certificates given out that night. We also had the pleasure of having a magician perform close up tricks and tricks for the whole crowd to see. Following our confusion by magic, the buffet was then open. We were happily provided with a whole range of different foods to sit and enjoy out in their very well presented outside seating area. The last memories a lot of us had were of dancing to some party anthems into the night. 

This year's event will be held in the world famous Dickens Inn, On Southfield Road. A venue that is famed for its well established, long running nights & not one, two but three different outside seating and drinking areas. Which will be sure to help aid in a night to remember.

Here’s to another great one this year.